Posted on: 2010/07/07



Why Are You Killin’ Time There? 

Here you go, iSPINNING just right for your taste. 

Now, you’re gonnabe Zombie then you can control whatever you want while spinning all of your stuff. 

Just Spin Up. 

Try competing with your mates or gamers one-on-one and even iSPINNINGmaster, all over the world. Be the world iSPINNING Master. 
iSPINNINGis go-to game for gamers lookin’ to cross train their brains with quick reaction & concentration on only spinning. 

What’s so hard about that? 

Moody people (especially your boss), A born womanizer (Yes right, your boyfriend!) 
or your girlfriend, chatterbox all the time, and your bank balance (Already became a Credit Line million years ago)… 
There’s No Way Out, but iSPINNING. 

So Now, Ready to take up my challenge? 

[How To Play] 
1.Press the Start Button and Touch the Plate. 
2.Keep Touching it so that you can push the power up. 
3.Spin the iPhone and iPod to the opposite direction of gauge flow in the center. 
4.Keep touching the plate while maintaining its balance. 
5.Make the plate jump up and down by controlling your stick to avoid objects appeared suddenly. 
6.Keep spinning on Zombie Mode. 

– Ranking match-up mode 
– 10 types Object : plate, tire, fire extinguisher, wastebasket, kettle, nickel silver pot, book, pot cover, can, cup 
– 7 types Stick : drum stick, cue stick, umbrella, Christmas stick, Chopstick, blue stick, bamboo broom 
– 7 types wall : darken wall, cat palyground, bathroom tile, Christmas window, red curtain, bulletin board 
– iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized control 
– 3 types of item balls with different attacking

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2개의 답글 to "iSPINNING"

After I purchased crayon painting it is not working . When ever I start the apps the screen goes blank (black)

Hi. Catherine

Suddenly got a problem from last week. We have nothing to work. lol

maybe Updating iOS 5 is perhaps the update-related issues. The new version updated. This week seems to be a new version of this update. I apologize for any inconvenience. Problem will be resolved soon.

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