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Crayon kids drawing> Free painting application released!

Explore painting tools which allow similar texture and appearance to real crayons.

Fruits, vehicles, animals, dinosaurs… We offer more than 80 different adorable images.

kids will have much more fun painting various images Parents can also enjoy our free painting application with their children.

 [Special features]

–     Realistic brush tool which is similar in appearance to real crayon

–     Various images offered with high quality color functionality

–     Maximum 20 images available for each menu

–     Mix freely different colors

–     Educative effect by showing names of each image

–     Package of images offered (fruits, vehicle, animals, dinosaurs and other diverse images that kids love)

–    Compatible with  iPad, iPhone4, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPod, Android, Galaxy Tab

–     Available in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Germany, French, Thailand, Italian and Portuguese.



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