Tap Poker Social Edition

Posted on: 2012/05/23


Welcome to the TAP POKER SOCIAL EDITION the social network (community) built for fun where you can meet new friends and family all over the world, also send messages. 
Without installing a separate messenger, from TAP POKER SOCIAL EDITION you can have excellent community with your friends and family! 
Enjoy life while you can! Imagine what it’s like with this game, win the daily lottery. 
We (TAP POKER SOCIAL EDITION) do not want to be the best game out there in the wolrd! But we want to be around you all the time as best friend! 
TAP POKER SOCIAL EDITION provides easy and fast network access play poker (Texas Hold’ em) with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. 

★ Best social messenger 
★ Quick login system 
★ Free chips to be paid 
★ Fast and easy to play game (Selecting table) 
★ Facebook and Guest login support (Providing a pleasant game experience that does not require signing up) 
★ Chat and emoticons to express their feelings 
★ A lively game with real players around the world 
★ Provides very easy and convenient atmosphere so anyone can enjoy 
★ Find friends and join the table immediately to play game with your friends 

TAP POKER SOCIAL EDITION is online game with virtual money. 


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